Oil-mask egg-panthenol with 5 oils 'O'BERIG', 500 ml
Oil-mask egg-panthenol with 5 oils “O’BERIG”, 500 ml


The line is designed for the restoration, reconstruction and nutrition of hair.
For damaged, dry, porous and colored hair.

Over the centuries, egg yolk has been actively used in folk
recipes as a great tool for hair restoration,
natural vegetable oils are traditionally used for active
nutrition and moisturizing hair, and panthenol perfectly soothes the scalp.

Thanks to its unique formula, the ruler prevents breakage,
smoothes and nourishes the hair along the entire length. Stimulates cell production
elastin and collagen, thanks to which the curls become soft, silky
and easier to style, protects hair from breakage. Softens and nourishes the tips
promotes hair restoration after dyeing procedures and prevents
leaching of color.

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feeding, restoring, soldering split ends


  • It fixes the result of shampoo.
  • Smoothes hair
  • It gives hair elasticity, shine, softness and silkiness.
  • It compacts the structure of each hair and smoothes the cuticle.
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