Almond-milk shampoo O'BERIG, 500 ml
Almond-milk shampoo O’BERIG, 500 ml


Almond-milk shampoo O’BERIG with honey for all hair types

cleansing and moisturizing hair.

gently cleanses the hair, giving it a natural shine, lightness, and feeling of freshness, maintains the natural balance, and nourishes with vitamins necessary for proper hair growth.

The line is designed for daily care, moisturizing, and gentle cleansing of hair.
For all hair types.

Long since honey, milk and almond oil have been valued for their unique healing properties.
and actively used in old recipes for the care of the scalp and hair.

The active components in the composition of the line saturate the curls with the necessary
moisture and nourishing microelements, stimulating the growth of new, healthy hair, giving
im natural shine and radiance.

With regular use, your hair will regain its healthy appearance, shine and silkiness.

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