Healthy Hair Institute

Raybina Intense

The hair color with an intense "carotene" pigment (ashberry extract is a natural source of carotene). Due to the fine color molecules, the dye deeply penetrates into the cortex, attaches securely and is less prone to leaching; it renders the hair shimmering shine with a velvety, glossy tones.


  • Lightening up to 5 tones (special blondes 1000 1001, 1002)
  • Rich in CAROTENE formula - hair protection during the lightening
  • FLAX OIL FLUID with, which envelops the hair during lightening, nourishes and protects, renders a radiant glow
  • Uniform result over the entire length up to the ends
  • Easy application
  • Deep nutrition of the hair after lightening - MASK WITH OIL OAT


1. CAROTENE COMPLEX contained in the Raybina INTENSE Lightening Cream Color:

  • acts as a "filler"
  • protects the hair from negative impact of ammonia and an oxidizing agent in the course of lightening

2. Fluid oil flax coats the hair along the entire length, creating a film, which protects the hair from negative impact of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, allows a dye molecule to penetrate into the hair, and makes the hair healthy and strong in the course of coloring.  

Raybina INTENSE Cream Color collection includes 11 intensive bright dazzling tones with 3 special blondes