Sulfate-free filling shampoo “RE:STORE” RE:FORM, 400 ml




Very damaged and dry hair.
Porous and split ends.
Recommended for use after keratin straightening or lamination procedures.

– Resuscitates hair at the molecular level: penetrating deep into the hair structure.
– Fills the damaged areas and saturates the hair shaft with moisture, keeping it inside during the day.
– Facilitates combing without weighting and sticky effect.
– Healthy shine, silkiness and elasticity of hair.

The BOTOX complex, which is based on the hexapeptide and ceramides, is designed specifically for weakened and damaged hair, has a powerful healing effect, fills damaged areas of curls.Thanks to the ANTI-AGE technology, which is based on the “youth vitamins” for hair, it regenerates the hair structure, provides it with beauty and strength.