Diaper cream ECOBABY PROBIOTIC 0+, 90 ml
Diaper cream ECOBABY PROBIOTIC 0+, 90 ml


Baby probiotic diaper cream ECOBABY PROBIOTIC 0+

Cream with a complex of probiotics designed to protect the skin from irritation, redness, and inflammation caused by wearing diapers.

  • Light paste texture that is easy to apply and spreads comfortably on the skin.
  • Quickly absorbed, does not block the baby’s skin pores
  • Suitable for elbows, creases, armpits, knees, and other problem areas

The basis of the cream is a probiotic technology that works to restore barrier function and preserve and strengthen the natural microbiome and the immunity of children’s skin.

The high content of zinc oxide in the composition has a regenerating and drying effect, as well as protection from external aggressive factors, creating an invisible protective layer.

Perfect for areas of elbow bends, folds, armpits, and other problem areas of the baby’s skin.

An additional plant complex based on extracts of cotton, herd, and chamomile moisturizes and regenerates the skin, protects against moisture loss, and helps maintain the softness, elasticity, and integrity of the skin. Aloe, vitamin E, panthenol, and butter oil prevent dryness, flaking, and irritation

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