Long-lasting cream paint ACME-COLOR
Long-lasting cream paint ACME-COLOR


The long-lasting Acme Color cream dye provides 100% grey coloration and complete care for colored hair

The palette of 18 shades includes trendy colors

The active molecules of the cream color penetrate deeply into the hair, fill it with color pigment and fix it inside. These contribute to the complete coloring of even grey hair. The active components of the paint provide:

– rich, long-lasting color;

– contribute to color fastness;

– protects hair from baneful environmental influences.

The care mask with oat oil has a low pH, which helps to close the scales of the correct hair layer and fix the pigment inside. The care mask application is the final stage of the coloring process. It makes the hair smooth and elastic again after the color change. Oat oil perfectly moisturizes hair after chemical damage. Do not ignore this stage of using a care mask, so you will have got:

– elastic and smooth curls;

– bright and long-lasting color;

– shiny hair shine.

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