Balsam COLOR UP&PROTECT “Fortesse Professional”, 400 мл



Professional line of hair care products to preserve bright and saturated color for a long time.
Natural ingredients of Lecithin and Panthenol restore and moisturize the hair along the entire length.

Colored, tinted, lightened, dry and brittle hair


  • Slows down leaching of color pigments
  • Retains the original color brightness
  • Restores hair structure after chemical exposure


  • Letsetin
    It improves the hair structure, makes it stronger, renders elasticity and shine
  • Panthenol
    Smoothes the hair structure, saturates with moisture, prevents fragility and formation of split ends


Suitable for the colored hair, for all hair types

  • Contains lecithin and D-panthenol, which take care of the hair, nourish and moisturize it, preserving the hair color and shine.
  • Soft balsam components can improve the coloring resistance, enhance the color brightness and keep a deep and rich shade of the dyed hair for a long time.
  • Active ingredients align the colored hair structure, saturate with the missing moisture, smooth split ends, and make the hair manageable.
  • The hair becomes manageable, gets healthy, well-groomed appearance

It is recommended to apply the mask 1-2 times a week.
Wash your hair with the Fortesse Color Stability shampoo; apply the balsam to clean damp hair. Rinse thoroughly with water, leave for a few minutes. It is recommended to apply the balm at every washing.

The balsam is recommended for the natural hair in need of additional hydration and nutrition.