Healthy Hair Institute

Malva Hair Color

Permanent color cream MALVA HAIR COLOR allows you to:

  • Securely hide the unwanted gray hair
  • Enhance your natural color
  • Emphasize your own unique style
  • Change depending on the state of mind and the season


  • Deep THERMAL recovery and care:
    1. Designed to protect the hair from premature leaching of color pigment, protects from damage, fragility after coloring
    2. It is recommended to "seal" the color pigment by heating the hair mask for 5-7 minutes immediately after application
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Luxury color
  • Shining luster
  • The innovative system of protection after coloring


  1. MALLOW FLOWER EXTRACT intensively moisturizes, prevents moisture loss during coloring, provides durability and color saturation
  2. The special mask, thanks to CHAMOMILE and WHEAT BUTTER EXTRACTS intensely nourishes and restores the hair structure after coloring, soothes sensitive skin
  3. THERMAL COMPLEX creates on the hair an invisible breathable film, which protects the hair from leaching of color pigment, provides softness and silkiness, and renders the extra dazzling and radiant shine

A collection of color cream "Malva Hair Color" includes 18 shades of cream paint resistant