Healthy Hair Institute


Porous, damaged after staining procedures or lightening hair.

- Protection and stabilization of the color molecule on the hair
- moisturizing
- Saturation and brightness of color
- Shine hair
- Protect hair from UV radiation

with caviar extract enhanced with powerful ANTI-OXIDANT complex based on vitamins and hibiscus extract, deeply moisturizes hair along the entire length, saturating it with the necessary trace elements. Such product technology affects porous, damaged after staining procedures hair structure, protects and stabilizes the color of curls.

Reconstructing shampoo

Extends the life of the color of dyed hair, enhances its richness and brightness

Reconstructing balsam

Fills and moisturizes hair, stabilizes color, "sealing" it inside the hair

Reconstruction mask

Gives curls a natural shine, makes them smooth, soft and obedient.

Reconstructing two-phase spray

Makes hair color even more intense and expressive