Healthy Hair Institute

Energy Blond

The series is presented in two lines:

  • Energy Blond CLASSIC – the maximum lightening
  • Energy Blond ARCTIC – lightening and care

The Energy Blond kit includes:

  • Conditioner balm"NO-YELLOW"  
    conditioner is specifically designed for hair after lightening to neutralize "the yellow hair effect." Components of the balsam promote closing of the hair scales after application of brightening agents, prevent tangling, electrification, and the purple component eliminates unwanted yellowish tints, which often occur after lightening.
    which during lightening envelops the hair along its entire length, nourishing and protecting the hair shaft from the negative effects of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, makes it easier for the dye molecule to penetrate deep into the hair, leaving them healthy and strong during coloring, prevents brittleness and cross-section.

has TWO unique SYSTEMS for lightening hair, with which you will get your coveted clean and luxurious BLONDE.


Hair lightener with burdock and henna oils


Lightening hair care with flax oil