Healthy Hair Institute

Raybina Soft Silk

Renders your hair a unique silky softness, dazzling brilliance, lasting results of coloring and comfort use 


  • Saturated color
  • Dazzling brilliance
  • Gentle AMMONIA-FREE coloring (oxidizing emulsion up to 6%)
  • PHYTO care during the application (burdock and henna oil)
  • Silky softness of  
  • Berry and floral fragrance

BURDOCK AND HENNA OIL FLUID – an oil complex penetrates into the hair structure, gently holds pigments and cares of the hair.


  1. BURDOCK - moisturizes the hair and scalp, prevents loss, restores the healthy appearance and beauty of the hair
  2. HENNA - protects the hair structure, prevents fragility, renders shine, strength and volume

Raybina Soft Silk cream color collection includes 15 luxurious shades